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How to share local drive

To transfer files from/to your VPS you can share your local PC drive with VPS. To perform that:

1: When the Remote Desktop Window pops up, click show options:

2: Click on the Local Resources Tab


3: In the Local Devices & Resources Section, check or uncheck the boxes (according to your own preference) and then click more.

4: A new window will now pop up with another series of check boxes. Here is where you choose whether to show your local drives or not.  In the box there is a Drives section, and this is where you choose to show them or not – if you expand it it will show all your currently connected drives, and you can choose whether to show these or not, and also a useful feature; "Drives that I plug in later." It is worth checking this as well.

5: Ok, so now that you have enabled all the drives, you have to click OK button and connect your Remote Desktop Connection and then log in like you normally do.

6: On your VPS click on My Computer and you can now see that it has changed. Now there is a section – Other. The drives listed here are all the drives on your local computer.

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